window frame cork board {with wine corks}

I’ve been wanting to try out a project using an old window and wine corks for awhile now. I just didn’t know I’d use them together. I found this window at an antique store in Onset, MA for $3. It was terribly filthy so I gave it a nice wash and sanded some spots that needed it.

window frame cork board with wine corks

I used leftover fabric I had and stapled it onto the back so that the yellow shows through.

Using wine corks that I’ve collected and that my sister and parents have, I started playing around with some layouts. Once I found the one I liked best I got to work hot gluing them into place.

This was a really easy project and is perfect for our kitchen. We use the glass panes as a white board for notes and shopping lists. I didn’t have enough corks to complete the middle glass pane at the top but I’ve heard mixed reviews from people. Some say they like it glass, some say cover it with corks. Thoughts?

In due time, when I finish decorating the bare wall it’s hanging on, I’ll share photos of the complete display. For now though, it’s successfully serving it’s purpose!

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  1. Heather says

    Linds, I love this! I think if you collect a few more corks, you could put them in the bottom middle pane, for a staggered look. I’ll have to find myself a window to make one of these!

  2. Lindsey says

    Thanks Heather! I think you’re right, I am going to fill the bottom middle pane. It’ll look great staggered and I love things in threes…now if only you were closer so we could polish off some wine for the corks!

  3. Aunt K says


    Thanks, you’ve given me yet another reason to continue drinking wine! I did save some of the windows when we did replacements, this would be a fun project. K

  4. Lindsey says

    Keep drinking that wine, Aunt Karen! It’s good for you :) If you decide to make one please do share photos. Miss you! xo

  5. Emily says

    Linds, I love this…I like old windows too! I want to put mirrors in place of the glass.
    for your corks…I have made designer thumbtacks by hot gluing buttons, or shells or old game pieces to the tumb tacks. You could tack notes or photos to the cork windows.

  6. Lindsey says

    Funny you should mention the mirrors because I just saw one the other day that had mirrors in it and I loved it. Maybe that’ll be the next one I try! Stay tuned for a post about thumbtacks, I’ve also made some cute ones back in the day!

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