pine cone display

One of the easiest and cheapest things to decorate with is pine cones. I love to use them in the fall and into the winter too. They’re great for centerpieces, mantels, coffee tables and so on. I used them to jazz up our tv console table a little.

I went around the house and grabbed a bunch of things I already had to use as stands and displays for them. Candlesticks, glass dishes, wine glasses (that I use as candle holders) and a red scarf to use as a runner. I arranged everything a few times until I found one that worked best for me.

I then spread around some of the ornament balls that I had left over. Oh, and I added in that cute little glass Christmas tree that I grabbed for a dollar at the thrift store!

I also hung our stockings from the table too since we don’t have a mantle or anywhere else to hang them. I think the whole setup came out pretty cute.

Do you guys use pine cones around your house? I use the same ones every year. I store them in a large Ziploc bag and pack them away with the holiday decor. You can either head out for a nature walk and collect some or you can also grab some at a craft store. They always sell them bundled up in a mesh bag.

2 thoughts on “pine cone display

  1. A couple years back, I received a gift from my neighbor made from pine cones. She filled a basket of cones and interwove a small strand of white lights. I use it in front of the mantle. I especially like it after the tree comes down when you miss the lights but not the holiday hustle!

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