over the door closet storage

This is quite possibly the simplest, yet one of the most effective ways, to organize things.

Step 1: Get an over the door hanging shoe organizer.

Step 2: Fill it with things!!!

Though, I’ll tell you. I searched high and low, literally because at Bed Bath and Beyond the shoe organizers were practically at the ceiling, for an organizer that had the clear, plastic pockets. I could only find the canvas ones so I was about to order one online.

Enter my friend the thrift store. That’s right, I was perusing, looking for curtains or something and I eye spied a shoe organizer, still in it’s packaging, under a massive pile of yarn in a huge bin.

It didn’t have plastic pockets but it had mesh, netting ones which would do just fine. I found it for $2.99 which makes me a whole lot happier than the 20 or so bucks I was going to spend online.

This particular organizer is hanging in my closet. I have scarves and belts stored in it. I even have a few empty pockets for me to add more scarves and belts.

I’m thrilled with it. Because, honestly, before this I never wore my scarves. It was a hassle to reach to the top of the closet, pull the bin down and rummage through this massive wrinkly pile. Now, I can see them all and plan my outfits while looking at them.

I’m on the hunt for another organizer to use in our only other closet in the house. I’d like one so I can organize some of the stock pile items we have, mostly the travel sized items. The pockets in the organizer would be a perfect option to corral them all and still be able to see them!

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