a new media console


After we put all the hard work into our curbside find I finally was able to get it into place. We let it sit over night, probably for about 30 hours total, before putting it all together. First I had to replace the knobs that were on it. I had a few of these striped knobs, from Hobby Lobby, that have been waiting to be used. I love them with this piece. They add just enough of a fun pop to the neutral piece. We decided to use the piece as a console type stand under our television. The TV is on the wall so we needed somewhere to stash the cable box, modem and read more this way >>>

a curbside find i never knew i needed


Back in March, when my cousin came home from overseas, we headed out to the store to pick up some poster board so I could make big colorful signs to welcome him home. It was almost 9 pm and pitch black when my dear husband eye spied and amazing piece of furniture on the curb, just a few houses down from ours. There was another lady in her Volvo approaching the same piece so we had to act quick. He jumped out, gave it the once over and threw it in the back of the car. FREE. My favorite word in the whole world. Let me tell ya though, this thing was in rough shape. But read more this way >>>