dining set refresh {with country chic paint}

Feature Image_ Dining Table

This dining set, which I cannot for the life of me find the before photos for, was in need of a major updating. It had tan suede seat cushions and a cherry wood colored table top. You can read the full method behind painting the tabletop and finishing it with a top coat over on the Country Chic Paint blog. We gave it a few coats of Country Chic Paints Pebble Beach color and topped it with their top coat product, which protects the surface. For the chairs, I chose a fabric that was neutral enough, but still had some pattern to it. The transformation read more this way >>>

install a programmable thermostat {and save on energy costs}

Thermostat Feature Image

The easiest way to save on heating (or cooling) costs is to install a programmable thermostat. We did this just after we started using our heat this winter because nearly every day when I left the house, I’d get to work and remember I didn’t turn the heat down. Which meant it was running all day long, heating a house that no one was in. Makes no sense, right?! Also, we're doing pretty good with our eye sight and didn't need the sharpie marked original thermostat. We just wanted something that was mid-range. We didn’t feel it necessary to get something so fancy as read more this way >>>

guest room nightstand makeover {with country chic paint}

Nightstand Feature Image

I scored this nightstand for $10 at a local thrift store and knew it would be the perfect piece for our guest room. Head on over to the Country Chic Paint blog to learn more about the method behind this makeover. I wanted something that was a bit larger and was open at the bottom so we could add bath towels for when we had guests over.   I love the added pop of the gold wax with the updated drawer pull. It’s also a bit higher for a nightstand, which I like. Makes it easier to reach the top of it and access the drawer. It was a quick read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

H54F_Feature Image

It's Friday and it's snowy and I want to curl up with a cocoa and Bailey's and watch a good movie! What's good for your weekend? Hopefully we're getting started on the bathroom reno! Happy Friday, have a great one! 1. We had the first significant snow storm last weekend and this week and continuing into this weekend. Nothing compared to the northeast though! It makes the house look so charming, though I really hate shoveling now that we have to actually shovel our own driveway! 2. My friend started making soaps and they're amazing. I just bought my first batch read more this way >>>

how to make a standing desk

Standing Desk Feature Image

Last week I posted the following photo on Instagram with the caption: We did it. Went super dark in the office and it looks amazing. I feel so brave since I never choose anything but light gray! We had no intention of painting the office this weekend but a $9 gallon of oops paint at @homedepot changed that! Once we started painting we figured we might as well continue working on the office. I already have my favorite desk ever, but Al needed something to work on and his preference was a standing desk. We started thinking creatively about how we could make one read more this way >>>

the perfect dining chairs

Dining Chairs Feature Image

Ever since we built our dining room table we've been on the hunt for chairs. And dining chairs, my friends, are brutally expensive. We bought some at Target and then returned them because the metal of the legs clashed with the hairpin legs of the table. Then we bought some on Craigslist that we used temporarily and were working out fine (you'll see a post on that in the coming weeks on Country Chic!) but still weren't' exactly what I was going for. Well THEN, when my sister was in town we hit up the Goodwill 50% off sale and scored big! We found four, read more this way >>>

subscribe to the EO newsletter!

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If you read EO posts from a reader or your email you may not have noticed the recent redesign of the site. While things continue to improve and evolve I wanted to point out a new feature, the newsletter! Once a week, starting in March EO will send a weekly newsletter to readers recapping the posts from the week with a few other tidbits. While the newsletter feature has been on the site since December I just learned from my designer that there was a mapping issue. So, now that it's fixed, go ahead and subscribe (or re-subscribe)! If you currently receive EO emails read more this way >>>

my love of free printables

Free Printables_Guest Room

I talk about free printables a lot here on the blog. I use them for so many things and I really love them. I mean, they're free and can be used as artwork, for projects, for gifts and so much more. I've used them recently in our guest room and for my valentines and I've even created some of my own for birthday parties and sports themed gifts and science themed kid bedrooms. I think they're the best kind of artwork and there are so many of them out there. To find great ones, I typically just search free printables on Pinterest. Many bloggers will read more this way >>>

a 30th birthday gift basket

30th birthday gift basket Feature Image

I made this gift basket a few weeks ago for my friend Kaitlin who turned the big 3-0. My intention was to give her something practical and fun, while incorporating the whole tuning 30 thing. She's a crafty lady like myself, so whenever I give her gifts I try to make them creative, kind of like the teacher survival kit I gave her earlier this year. I decided to make her a gift basket with 31 items...1 for good luck obviously. I wanted one item to be the main gift and then the rest to be small things that were useful. The main gift was a new pair of Toms (she read more this way >>>

the guest room is done {kind of}

Guest Room Feature Image

We finally "finished" (no room is ever really finished) our guest room. And truth is it isn't finished, but it's complete for now and capable of housing guests if needed. We started off here and here a few weeks ago. We finished painting, adding floor molding, updating the light fixture and furnishing the space. We had that duvet cover so we used it, but I'd like to get one that isn't such a color contrast with the roman shades, something that blends a bit better. For the nightstands, we used what we had, but I have a new one to share that was a read more this way >>>