choosing sod over seed: caring for your sodded lawn

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Once we removed the shed and concrete from the backyard, we were left with a whole lot of dirt and no grass. And since it’s as dry as a piece of burnt toast here in Colorado it’s not really dirt, it’s hard as a rock clay. As a reminder, here's where we started: We went the sod route as we want to enjoy our outdoor space now, without worrying about not yet fully matured and grown in grass from seed. We bought our sod at Home Depot, which they source from a local company. It was about $6 per piece, so not cheap. It came with instructions for prepping, read more this way >>>

upcycled thrift store picnic basket

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I picked up this charming little basket for about $4 and I knew it would be perfect with a bright coat of paint. I had been looking for a small basket that was divided like this for us to cart our wine and cheese to the music in the park series this summer. It was in perfect condition and actually looked like it had never been used before. I thought about replacing the fabric inside but it was in good condition so I left it and just worked with it. I used Country Chic’s Luscious Lime to give it a light, bright, coat of paint. My method here was to not give read more this way >>>

adding a little bit of curb appeal

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It really doesn't take much to add a little bit of curb appeal to a home, and in our case, well, anything would have helped. As a reminder, here's our before: We plan to keep the flagstone porch so we decided to add some bushes and flowers to start filling in the space a little. We started by measuring about 24 inches out from the porch and digging out that area. And by we I mean Al because Colorado's dirt is clay. Just dried up heavy clay. I'm capable of shoveling like a cup of dirt before I'm toast. We had enough leftover flagstone from around the house to edge read more this way >>>

DIY white boards {from picture frames}

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This is one of the easiest projects and adds such character to an office space. I needed a whiteboard, it’s the way I like taking notes and it saves me from using 1000 post its. We picked up these frames at a yard sale for a few bucks and I loved how they were gold, but it was a faded, worn out gold. I chose a fabric that was white with gold dots on it as I needed something that wasn’t too busy or colorful. I cut a piece of foam board to the size of the frame and then wrapped the foam board with the fabric. I then duct tapped it (obviously, since duct tape read more this way >>>

simple summer side dish: cold green bean salad

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Taking a break from all the reno and DIY posts to bring you a recipe! Shocking, since my desire to cook lately is zero. Not even zero, like negative 500. However, if you’re needing a delicious, light, healthy and quick to make summer side dish then this is your go to. Ingredients 2 cups green beans 1 cup corn Juice from 1 lemon ½ cup sliced almonds Salt & pepper Method Steam the green beans and corn until they’re just soft enough, not too mushy. Drain and let sit for a few minutes to cool and dry. Add to a serving bowl and add the lemon juice, salt and read more this way >>>

tearing down a shed & removing a concrete slab

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We’ve been working hard to get our yard and the outdoor areas cleaned up. I figure if we put a few long days and weekends in early on and then we can enjoy the yard and porches for the rest of the summer. The back yard was our biggest project, ya know, since the previous owners had an enormous shed smack in the middle of it. Oh, and they had a sidewalk too. What? You don’t have a sidewalk through the middle of your yard? And that fence, yes that's also being addressed. We put the shed up for free on Craigslist to see if we could find anyone to come take it read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

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​Happy Friday! This week I was kind of in overdrive with cleaning, organizing and purging so it feels good going into the weekend with a semi-neat house. I've been in a mode to either do something with the still not unpacked boxes or donate the belongings because we clearly don't need them. Hoping to get in a good hike and finish up half complete outdoor projects...that is if the rain holds off. They say it never rains in CO, well that is absolutely not true for this spring. Make it a good one! 1. Hard to believe that this sweet thing turned 6 months this read more this way >>>

our DIY bathroom renovation

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I’m psyched to share with you guys our final, complete, nothing left to do bathroom renovation! If you’re just joining, or needing to catch up check out these stages of the makeover: The Bathroom We Started With {The Before} How to Tile a Bathroom Floor How to Fix Crumbling Grout How to Replace a Toilet Removing a Vanity & Installing a Pedestal Sink How to Update a Medicine Cabinet {Without Replacing It} And as a reminder, here's the beast we started with: Everything takes longer than expected. Everything. Part of it is the whole day job and working read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

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For the love we made it to Friday. There was a time around Tuesday-ish when I didn't think I'd make it. For some reason I've been a disastrous hot mess this week and I have no clue why. Likely due to trying to get too many things done at once, which results in not sleeping well and not finding time to exercise and not actually accomplishing the too many things. Pushing the reset button and getting back on track is my plan for the weekend. What's good for your weekend? I hope it's sunny and bright and you can get outside. Have a good one, I'll be back next week, in a read more this way >>>

how to update a medicine cabinet {without replacing it}

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With the whole bathroom reno going on we found ourselves in a pickle with the medicine cabinet situation. The medicine cabinet was original to the house and in a size that's no longer standard. We would have had to get a custom one made or do some wall repair to fit a smaller, standard sized one. Both seemed like a hassle, costly and a tad unnecessary. So instead we decided to keep the medicine cabinet put and update it to make it fit our style. Look at that hideous bathroom! The one that was there even had a slot for used razors. I love that charm and no read more this way >>>