cheers to 30!

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Last day to enter the Country Chic Paint Giveaway! Head on over to Tuesday’s post to enter.  Today’s the day. I just rounded the corner to 30 and I couldn’t be more thrilled about it. And I mean that. I feel like so many people around me have been freaking out about turning the big 3-0, but for some reason I’m calm and excited about it. Don’t get me wrong, if you recall, 25 was a tough one for me, so I guess we all have our year/s!But 30. It’s not feeling tough to me at all. I’m amazed at the last 10 years. What I’ve been through, what I’ve accomplished, success and read more this way >>>

front porch remodel: phase one

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Two days left to enter the Country Chic Paint Giveaway! Head on over to Tuesday's post to enter.  The front porch is not done. As seen by the green sides, unfinished roof, crooked lights and filth on the house, but it’s getting there. I thought I’d drop in with an update on what we’ve done thus far. I didn't wash the house or straighten the side lights for these photos. These photos are a hot mess, but I mean this is real life. You should see the garage.To remind you, here’s where we started:We hired a contractor, who taught us a lot about what you DON’T want in a read more this way >>>

weekend fun at rockygrass {bluegrass festival}

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We headed out last Thursday for a weekend of fun at RockyGrass, a bluegrass festival in Lyons, CO, just north of Boulder. Sharing some photos from the weekend, if you'd like to see. We had such a great time and are already looking forward to next year. If you recall, two years ago, Colorado was devastated from a week of massive flooding. Lyons was one of the cities that was completely underwater and affected by the floods. It was truly amazing to see how they've rebuilt and how much their small town has rallied together to continue to rebuild. You can see below read more this way >>>

birthday giveaway: $165 of country chic paint!

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At the end of this week I’ll be ringing in the big 3-0 (!). In celebration of that I wanted to give YOU guys something fun! I’m psyched to share that I’ve partnered with Country Chic Paint for our first giveaway. It’s really not a news flash that I love their paint, their color selection and all the other products they continue to offer. Photo courtesy of The Salvaged Boutique (not the actual prize package)   So, what’s in it for you? Well, $165 in products! The shipment will include: (1) quart Sweet Dreams (1) quart Vanilla Frosting (1) pint read more this way >>>

a charming dresser makeover

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This dresser was a $15 thrift store find that I grabbed for the hardware alone. Look at those amazing drawer pulls! I can't for the life of me find the before photo (taking and remembering where I file before photos is a serious problem for me), but just imagine old honey colored wood. Head on over to the Country Chic Paint Blog to learn more about the colors and method behind this super simple upcycle.     read more this way >>>

simple outdoor spaces on a budget

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There are places I’m happy to spend and splurge on around these parts and then there are places I’m not. Like outdoor things. I don’t want to spend a fortune because I’m not going to actually go out and cover furniture when it rains or put cushions away. And it's outside, it gets dirty, it’s covered in bugs and bird poop. So this is a save situation. I should also remind you that we don’t like stuff. Clutter. We hate it. So this is not a place where you’re going to find a decked out, over the top, outdoor makeover with rugs and pretend place settings and all read more this way >>>

how to approach home decor (hint: however you want)

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What’s your design style when it comes to your home, your living space? I kind of hate when I’m asked that question. There are so many trends in home decor and design and I feel like everyone just does it because it’s what’s “in.” So I’ve been struggling lately because I love so many different types of design...  mid–century modern, antique/vintage, modern styles, rustic looks and more. But I’ve been feeling like I can’t combine them because they’re all so different and you know, that’s what home designers and Pinterest tell you. But then one day I realized that read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

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Hope you guys are having a great week! Last weekend we celebrated my upcoming (big) birthday a few weeks early. It was the best weekend, exactly how I wanted to celebrate. What's good for your weekend? We're having a chill weekend, with very little scheduled, to recoup from the last weekend and the last two months of non stop house work! Have a great one! 1. This crew flew in and surprised me for the celebration last weekend. It was the greatest ever. My brother-in-law also flew in and surprised me but I have no photos. I'm trying to get better at photos of life read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

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We made it to the weekend and thank goodness for that! We've been wrapping up a LOT of projects this week in hopes of finishing everything and taking the rest of the summer off from house things. Al took the week off and that kid has been working like a champ around this place. If you follow me on Instagram you saw my range of emotions surrounding our garage door. Amazing that a garage can do that to a person. Also, one year ago today we closed on this house. I can't believe that. It's gone SO fast, but it's awesome to look back and see what we've read more this way >>>

making the kitchen work for us {pre reno}

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When we bought this house we knew the kitchen was going to need a full gut job. It has metal cabinets that are disgusting and rusting in parts and not functional for our needs. For instance, there are no visible drawers, all of them are behind a cabinet door. And I mean you all know me by this point, my middle name is efficiency and that’s not efficient. At all. As a reminder, this is what we started with (photo from the listing). It's amazing what a wide-angle lens and Photoshop can do, eh? Those cabinets were never that brown or bamboo looking. They've always been read more this way >>>