high five for friday!

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Happy Friday, Happy weekend! Another crazy busy week in this house with long work days, after work commitments, dinners consisting of pulling a few bites of leftover chicken from the fridge and pretty much moving like rapid fire all week! I'm thrilled it's the weekend to say the least! Have a great one, hope the weather is beautiful where you are and don't forget, Monday is Marathon Monday in Boston. Make sure to tune in and support the runners! 1. We climbed a short, but fun trail last weekend which involved some legit rock climbing to reach the top. I loved read more this way >>>

how to replace a toilet {in 7 simple steps}

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As with the sink replacement, a toilet really is just as simple. It can be a little nasty, but I mean hey, we’ve already established that bathrooms are just gross. First, let me share our toilet comparisons. The left is the old, right is the new. Just showing you all how we most definitely had an elementary school sized toilet in our home. Don't be jealous. How to Replace a Toilet  Supplies Needed: wrench screwdriver utility knife  Start by tossing some old towels on the floor in case you drop the toilet (don’t want to crack the tile) or water read more this way >>>

how to modernize a thrift store dresser {and remove those terrible scrolly wood pieces}

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After hunting for a large enough dresser for months I finally stumbled upon this one at Goodwill for $30. It was solid wood, had a million drawers and was the perfect size for our bedroom. Even better, it was unfinished which meant a whole lot less prep work. It was awfully strong-smelling of musty wood and thrift store scents so I cleaned it really well, about three times, with a strong vinegar/water mixture, and let it air out for a while. Probably a few weeks – mostly because we didn’t get to this project until then. The scrolly detail on the bottom read more this way >>>

removing a bathroom vanity & installing a pedestal sink

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Replacing a bathroom sink is actually a lot easier than most people probably think and could be a simple, fairly inexpensive update for your bathroom. If you’re just joining, here’s the bathroom we started with. How to Remove a Bathroom Vanity:  Supplies Needed: bucket screwdriver utility knife pry bar adjustable wrench You’re going to start by shutting the water off under the sink. You’ll notice two water lines, a hot and a cold. Shut both off by turning the shut off valves. Turn the faucet on to drain out any water. a Go ahead and disconnect the read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

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Well. It's been quite a week to say the least. You know, the first week in a new job type of week. It's great, so much to learn and retain and no time to stall because there's work to be done. I'm hoping by the end of the day today I'll feel like I'm in a good place to kick off next week. Today's roundup is funny, because after my purging post yesterday it's kind of all about new things I got this week. Part of my purging in the spring is using up any gift cards that I've yet to spend, usually leftover from the holidays. I try to be mindful and only buy things I need read more this way >>>

5 tips to kick-start your spring cleaning routine

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Do you guys take part in "spring cleaning"? I do for sure. There's something about the warmer, longer days that make me want to clean and purge everything. I do both those things year round but this time of year is when I really evaluate what we use, what we don't, what stays and what goes. Not just your normal, oh I don't like the top any more, sort of purging. Here are five simple tips for kick-starting your spring cleaning that can really make a dent in simplifying your home. Consign Clothing Online. If your just going to donate them anyway it's worth read more this way >>>

vintage serving tray {turned} jewelry organizer

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A few weeks ago I was perusing one of the local antique malls (which, if you aren't aware, is a massive building with hundreds and hundreds of antique vendors) and kept stumbling upon this same mid-mod style serving tray. I thought it was the perfect solution for jewelry organizing and I loved how it closed down but the top tray was open for those pieces you wear regularly. They were mostly priced between $20-30 and I felt like that was more than I wanted to spend for jewelry organization. So when I stumbled upon one priced at $11 I jumped on it. It was read more this way >>>

the bathroom we started with {the before}

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Last week I just jumped right into tiling the bathroom floor that I never really gave you guys a sense of what the bathroom looked like before. So I thought today I'd back up a bit and start there. I think I was just really excited that the floor was done and that it looked so different and SO much better. When we moved in the bathroom felt so closed in. It's small, very small at 25 square feet, but the space wasn't being used properly. There was this enormous sink and vanity, a tiny, toddler sized toilet (for real, it was so small), and all these towel bars read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

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Happy Friday! Thanks for all your support on my post earlier this week. So far things have been an incredible whirlwind with getting oriented, wrapping one gig up and starting another. It's been great though and as with anything new, it's exciting! What's good for your weekend? We have a local art gallery having a grand opening tonight so I'm definitely going to swing in there. Other than that we'll be finishing up the bathroom and a few other projects and enjoying Easter brunch with friends. Have a great one and Happy Easter if you celebrate! 1. Spring is read more this way >>>