mid century modern {two tier} table makeover

Mid Mod Table Feature Image

I love this style of table. I've had similar styles in college apartments and even in the years immediately following college. They’re so functional with the two tiers and can be quite charming with a quick makeover. This one I scored for a whopping $5 at our local thrift store. It was 10, but it was 50% off day. You guys seeing a theme with my thrifted projects? I try to hit up half off day, because, why not?! I have to be in the right frame of mind because it’s insane and chaotic, but if I’m in the mood to deal with it and wait in line forever then it’s totally read more this way >>>

DIY lemon cleaning wipes

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In efforts to have a quick cleaning cloth without using paper towels or buying harsh (and expensive) cleaning wipes I decided to make my own. I’ve started drinking lemon water daily and I could only clean my garbage disposal so much with the left over rinds. So I used them to make homemade cleaning wipes. It was quite simple. I filled a quart sized, wide mouth mason jar with 1 cup water, 1 cup white vinegar. I shook it up and stuck it under the sink with the cleaning supplies. Each time I used a lemon I would peel the rind of and toss it in the jar.  Once there read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

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Happy Friday! Anyone else feel like this week was a year long? We're keeping our fingers crossed for decent weather this weekend so we can get out in the yard and start getting to work. It's a hot mess out there so it really could use some attention. Hope the sun is shining where you are. Have a great weekend!   1. Have you guys checked out the Nate Berkus line of home decor fabrics at Joann Fabrics? This is just a small sampling, but my goodness I wanted to buy every spool in full. I though that would be unnecessary though so I didn't buy any...because I read more this way >>>

the importance of vehicle recalls

Feature Image_Vehicle Recalls

I shared with you guys back in March how we sold our SUV and purchased an older one. When we were looking for used vehicles I did a lot of research on recalls to make sure we were aware of any so we could address them. There are recalls on vehicles all the time and the dealer will fix whatever needs fixin' at no cost to you. For instance, our other vehicle, the Honda Fit had a recall on it two weeks after we drove it off the lot. It happens. It's for our safety. So after we bought the Pilot I made an appointment with the dealer to get the recalled items taken read more this way >>>

kitchen cart makeover {with country chic paint}

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I'm so in love with how this kitchen cart turned out! It went from a drab, store-bought storage cart to a gorgeous, functional kitchen piece. We need all the extra storage we can get in our kitchen until the big reno happens and this was the perfect solution. We got this on Craigslist for $75, which is way more than I would normally spend on something like this, but it was the exact dimensions to fit our space and I'd been looking for a few months with no luck. Head on over to the Country Chic blog to see more photos! read more this way >>>

high five for friday!

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Not sure what it's like where you are but I think it's officially rained for 10 days straight ... and it's not stopping anytime soon. Can't complain, right, because we need it in Colorado, but for the love I can now understand seasonal depression. Just need a little vitamin D! What's good for your weekend? We were planning to install our privacy fence but with the rain that likely won't be happening. We'll be finishing up a ton of half started/half-finished projects in the house. Have a great one! 1. How is this sweet love FIVE months?! I mean can you handle the read more this way >>>

$6 thrift store wall hanging

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I'm a sucker for quirky thrift store finds and that's nothing new. For just a few bucks you can have the sweetest piece of art or wall hanging to bring charm to any space. I found this hand carved (it's even dated and signed on the back!) wooden owl at the thrift store for $3. It was $6 but it was 50% off day. Double score. I loved how it was carved and knew with a coat of white paint it would really pop against the dark walls in our office. I picked up the cheapest white spray paint at the Depot, which was $3 and change. Normally I buy the best quality read more this way >>>

diy lemon body scrub

Lemon Scrub Feature Image

My skin has taken a beating this year. I'm fairly certain it's the extreme Colorado dryness mixed with the hard water in our house that's the culprit. I battled a small bout of eczema a few months ago too and have more dry bumps and redness than I've ever experienced before. I've made more wintery scrubs in the past, but wanted a springy smelling one to start attacking the problem, ya know because it's shorts and t-shirt weather now and something had to be done. Ingredients 1 cup sugar 1/4 cup olive oil 1 tablespoon honey Juice from 1 lemon - about 2 read more this way >>>

a quick file cabinet makeover

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As we continue to work on the office I realized quickly that we were lacking storage space for things like crafting supplies, important paperwork, electronics not being used at the moment and more. Simple solution was a small file cabinet.Head on over to the Country Chic Paint blog to see the full details. What do you guys think, should I add casters to it? read more this way >>>

sweet potato breakfast hash {3 ingredient recipe}

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Guys, this is the easiest, most delicious meal I've ever made. I say meal because we've definitely eaten it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I usually make it for dinner and then we have leftovers for the next day because it makes a ton. Ingredients: 1 lb. ground breakfast sausage 2 sweet potatoes, peeled and diced into 1/2" cubes 8 eggs Method: Preheat your oven to 400 degrees. Coat a large cast iron skillet with whatever oil you normally would grease with - I used coconut oil. Warm on low heat. Add the sweet potatoes and mix to coat with the oil. Cook read more this way >>>